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Avark Ava and Mark Daniel

 Avark is a Barbadian based company​. By studying Caribbean/African art and culture, we seek thru our work to recapture a sense of the sanctity of our heritage. Art is the language of our existence, and it provides a perfect vocabulary for our work. We design and hand- make bags that suit the function and scale of our environment.

The Avark bag is a projection of an appreciation for Art and Design,

Exclusivity and limited editions

Extraordinary product capabilities 

Hand-made materials and craftsmanship 

A distinctive brand personality 

These are all qualities we focus on in the design and manufacturing process.


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Art embracing functionality


 Black Collection

 a perfect choice for any fashionista seeking to add a classic and timeless piece to their wardrobe. 


 a beautiful array of vibrant hues inspired by summer flowers.

Summer Collection


 Painted Scarves

the perfect accessory for any outfit, artistic designs that are truly beautiful and will make any outfit come alive. 





Innovative Designs

Meet the Team

Avark is home to a passionate and creative team of fashion professionals dedicated to creating innovative designs .

Get in Touch

No.2 Avark House, Fordes Road,

Christ Church. Barbados.

1 246 8452834

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  Creativity Meets Imagination

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